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4 Classic Men’s Haircuts You Can Wear in 2016

With so much attention being given to the man-bun, man-braids and other “male versions” of haircuts which were typically reserved for women, we thought we’d take a look at some of the classic men’s haircuts which will still be popular in 2016 and beyond.

We saw a resurgence of traditional men’s haircuts several years ago due to the hugely-successful Mad Men TV series. Here we’ll cover four cuts you may want to consider the next time you visit Detail For Men.


Slicked back haircut for menThis style became popular during the 1920’s, and has been the “go-to-cut” for many business leaders, politicians and movie stars ever since. Some notable names would include Michael Douglas, Colin Farrell, Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Leo DiCaprio and David Beckham.

It’s popular largely due to its simplicity and versatility – it can be sported by men of almost any age, hair type and face shape.

The slicked-back men’s haircut requires scissors to be used all over, with a distinguishable side parting (either side).

To create this style, typically hair product is applied while the hair is wet and combed through. The back and side areas are smoothed out. Either a wet look or a dry look can be used with this cut.

If your hair is fairly fine, you’ll find the slicked back look could be your ideal new look. More product is required to achieve the look on thicker or curly hair, so if that’s you, it may be necessary to look elsewhere for your classic cut.





George Clooney crop haircutSimilar to the slicked-back look, the crop is a great haircut for men who like to wake up & be out the door in minimal time each morning. Despite its simplicity, it can be styled for corporate weekdays and party weekends. It’s also a haircut which requires the use of scissors.

Mind you, at Detail For Men we don’t use clippers for any of our cuts. That’s been a direction from Stephen Foyle our creative director since we first opened our doors!

When you ask for this haircut you’ll be getting a short back & sides (gradual taper) with more length & texture on the top of your head.

Celebrities who have “rocked the crop” include Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney, Daniel Craig and Paul Rudd.




CLASSIC MEN’S HAIRCUTS #3: Shoulder Length

Shoulder length mens haircutsIf you’ve got patience and strong hair, going for a longer haircut can be a great option. You’ll need that patience not only for the time it takes for your hair to grow to a good length, but also for the hassle of dealing with your hair when it’s kinking out to the sides and getting unruly until it reaches your ideal length.

You’ll also need more visits to your hair salon to keep your hair in top condition as it grows out.

The shoulder length haircut is typically worn with an indistinct side parting. The use of layers can also add some depth to your do.

Longer hair portrays a sense of being carefree, but can still be easily managed for the office.

If you’re going to choose this option of men’s haircuts, but sure to ask your hairdresser about the most suitable haircare products. Regular washing & maintenance will need to be considered to avoid your hair from getting oily.






Side parting haircutThe foundation of this haircut is the oh-so-classic “short back and sides”, which hails from the 1920s through to 1960s. The biggest advantage of this style? It is so easy to maintain.

Your hair will normally be tapered on the back and the sides leaving enough on top for a short neat part. Depending on your personal preference and density of your hair, you may choose to use a paste (for thicker hair) or a matte clay (for finer hair).

To get the part distinct, try applying the product to damp hair and use a comb to define the part. If you’re not sure where your natural part falls, just ask your hairstylist.


Get Your Best Haircut With Detail For Men

Whether you like any of these 4 classic men’s haircuts or want to choose something else completely, why not book your next appointment with us? Your stylist will listen carefully to understand the kind of “look” you’re going for, and make recommendations for you to consider.